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Sherry Huang, CPA, CGA accounting firm is committed to assist our clients to achieve success by delivering quality and professional services in a timely and cost-effective manner that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. As accountants and tax advisers, we are experienced in all aspects of taxation.

To help our clients we are posting some important resources that are likely to affect us in our business and private lives. This guidance is an overview only and the circumstances of each taxpayer will be different. Seeking professional advice is a wise step to ensuring that your financial affairs are as tax-efficient as possible.

Deadlines and Due Dates

Canadian Fixed Due Dates
  • January 15 – December payroll remittance
  • February 15 – January payroll remittance
  • February 28 – T4 and T5 filing deadline
  • March 15 – February payroll remittance
  • March 15 – Personal income tax instalment
  • March 31 – NR4 filing deadline
  • March 31 – Family Trust filing deadline
  • April 15 – March payroll remittance
  • April 30 – Personal Income Tax Return (regular deadline and interest charges begin for self-employed)
  • May 15 – April payroll remittance
  • June 15 – May payroll remittance
  • June 15 – Personal Income Tax Return deadline for self-employed (penalty deadline only)
  • June 15 – Personal income tax instalment
  • August 15 – July payroll remittance
  • September 15 – August payroll remittance
  • September 15 – Personal income tax instalment
  • October 15 – September payroll remittance
  • November 15 – October payroll remittance
  • December 15 – November payroll remittance
  • December 15 – Personal income tax instalment
Canadian Variable Due Dates 

Corporate Tax Return
  • Interest starts 2 months post year-end for corp’s not eligible for SBD
  • Interest starts 3 months post year-end for CCPC’s
  • Tax return due 6 months post year end
  • Instalments due at end of each month
  • If an annual filer return is due 3 months post year-end
  • If monthly/quarterly filer its due 1 month after quarter
Capital Tax
  • Quarterly instalments are due on the 15th day of the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 12th calendar month after the calendar month in which the current taxation year begin

Client Checklists

To help our clients we are posting some important dates that corporations and individuals should be aware of:

  • April 30 is the deadline for your personal tax return
  • Personal Tax Planning Guide
  • Download a Checklist for Your Personal Income Tax Return
  • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed a streamlined approach for authorized representatives (such as Sherry Huang CGA) to access taxpayer information over the Internet. To ensure that such access is authorized, they have developed Form T1013, and a copy of it is available here. All clients should print out this document, sign it in the place indicated, and include it with the tax material you send us. We will use the form to establish a direct link to your tax history data at CRA. This minimizes the possibility of discrepancies and missed information.
  • Your corporate tax return is due six months after your fiscal year end
  • The end of February is the T4 and T5 reporting deadline
  • Download a Year End Checklist
  • Download an authorization form RC59

Tax Tips