Q: What type of Returns do you do? 

T1 - Personal Income Tax Return 
T2 - Federal Corporate Income Tax Return 
CT23 - Ontario Corporate Income Tax Return 
T4 - Summary - Summary of Remuneration Paid 
T3 -Trust Income Tax Return and Information Return 
1040 - United States Personal Income Tax Return 
R.O.E. - Record of Employment 
T5018 - Summary - Summary of Contract Payments 
G.S.T. Return - Goods and Services Taxes 
P.S.T. Return - Province Sales Taxes 
Q: How do I calculate payroll deductions: 

A: Payroll Deductions Online Calculator from CRA:

Q: How do I determine my income tax instalments?

A: As a client, refer to the instalment page of our covering letter with the tax return, or you will be advised by CRA in their instalment notices. 

Q: How do I determine my RRSP contribution limit for the year?

A: When we prepared your income tax return my client letter states how much you are eligible to contribute, your Notice of Assessment, mailed to you by the government, has a separate section outlining how much you are eligible to contribute. 

You can also call the T.I.P.S. Automated Phone Service at 1-800-267-6999 or 1-800-959-8281 to speak to a CRA representative. You can also call my office and we'll give you your contribution limit. 

Q: What are the fees for your various services? 

A: Fees are dependent upon the kind of service you require. If you call the office, we can set up a free, in person consultation to discuss your needs. 

Q: Can you train us to do bookkeeping on Simply Accounting? 

A: Our bookkeeper can train you in your office or ours. She's available to answer any questions you might have afterwards. 

Q: Do you prepare U.S. income tax returns? 

A: Yes, we do tax planning for U.S. individuals in Canada. We do tax planning for Canadians moving to U.S. and we prepare personal U.S. tax returns. 

Q: I have avoided filing my tax returns for a number of years, can you help? 

A: Yes, we can ask the Canada Revenue Agency for Voluntary Disclosure, and we can also help with any appeal you may have with their decision. 

Q: What other areas can you help with? 

A: We do litigation support and we do estate work. (By that I mean we do tax returns for the deceased and related trust returns.) 

Q: I am a chiropractor and want to buy a practice, can you advise me? 

A: One of our specialties is the valuation of a health care practices. Whether you are buying or selling a practice, we can advise you on many aspects of the anticipated transaction, including performing a valuation and due diligence, advising on the price, assist in financing and negotiating with the other party. Ernie lectures at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) on these issues and advises health care practitioners on many aspects of their business. 

Q: Can I call your office if I have any questions? 

A: Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding issues you may have, and, if they don't have the answers themselves, they can provide websites and phone numbers where you might find information. If you need information regarding any returns, such as GST or PST our bookkeeper can help you. Our staff has extended hours during tax season so that we are available to our clients